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Fitness Retreat we spend one week surrounded by the famous Canary Island beaches and mountains, where you’ll experience all of what it has to offer by way of fun, active excursions.

This includes hikes, workouts, water sports, sightseeing, and some dining planned for each day, as well as designated periods of free exploration so that you can freely wander out on your own.

You’ll workout a few times during your week-long trip led by certified coaches.

We do HIIT/Functional Fitness style workouts both on the beach and at our favourite gyms in Gran Canaria.

Our workouts are designed toward long-term health and accessible to everyone. Push only as hard as you want to.

After all, we want to save energy for our adventures. You can also speak with a personal trainer about a session if you have any questions or want some help with anything you care to work on. In case you’re trying to learn how to perfect that handstand!


This is where we spend most of our time! From hiking to surfing, most of our adventures include some level of activity even if it’s low-level.

During your fitness holiday, you’re going to do everything from swimming, rock climbing, surfing and more.

All of which is very accessible and easy for someone with an average level of fitness.

It’s a pleasant, beautiful ride that honestly almost anyone can do. If you really don’t feel like doing one of the activities, no problem! Just speak to us and we’ll be happy take you on an alternate activity.

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