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Riders Retreats we spend one week in the Canary Islands Archipelago is a real paradise for extreme, adventure or nature sports.

Beyond the clemencies of the climate, with average temperatures that fluctuate between 19 °C and 24 °C all year round, the islands’ orography and relief invite you to do sports on land, in the sea and in the air. A respectful, healthy, sustainable way to enjoy the spectacular nature of the Canary Islands.

You will do a lot of workout during your trip always led by certified trainers.

This includes HIT, Functional, Boxing style workouts both on the beach and / or in the mountains, as well as in our favourite gyms in Gran Canaria.

During your fitness vacation, you'll be doing everything from swimming, rock climbing, surfing, and more.

All of which is very accessible and easy for someone with a medium level of fitness.

Our workouts are designed for long-term health and accessible to everyone.

The intensity is chosen by you. After all, we want to save energy for our adventures.

You can also talk to a personal trainer about a session if you have any questions or want help with anything you want to work on. In case you're trying to learn how to perfect that handstand!

Besides sports you will go on many excursions!

They are nice and pretty excursions that honestly almost anyone can do.

If you really don't feel like doing one of the activities, no problem!

You just have to talk to us and we will be happy to take you to an alternative activity.

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