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Why train with Skierg?

If you are one of those who usually go to the gym, then you can recognize everywhere the traditional cardiovascular machines that are present in each of them, although they may seem old-fashioned, they are faithful to their workouts.

Why train with Skierg?

However, you can see quite up-to-date versions of these cardio machines, so it can be strange that suddenly, a new one appears in the gym room.


But the Skierg seems to be here to stay, as it is an upper body cardio machine, and as the days go by, it has been appearing in more and more gyms recently.


If you're wondering what this machine is all about, it's a kind of vertical rowing machine, but it simulates the movement of Nordic skiing. This makes one of the biggest benefits of this machine is that it gives you an intense but low impact cardiovascular workout.


In addition, the Skierg also works as an excellent cross-training tool for people who run, or anyone else who participates in a high-impact sport and who needs to spend a few days training that challenges the heart but is gentle on the joints.


Training with this machine is a super advantage, thanks to the varied number of exercise variations and even combined circuits that you can do and plan with a Skierg that for many are relatively unknown.


Within the parts of the body it works, you can find the arms, the back, the shoulders and the abdominals. And best of all, it's all at the same time.


Specifically, your back, shoulders, triceps and abs are all involved when you use this machine. In short, virtually your entire upper body works when you exercise with this machine.


Just be sure to use it when it's not leg training day, since your quadriceps and hamstrings still need to be a little bit in gear to keep your body stable during movement.


The good thing about training with a Skierg is that every adjustment you make, no matter how minor, really makes a difference in your body position.


In addition, it is important that you always include these exercises in your routine, along with the addition of other equipment so that the training effect of the Skierg is altered and amplified.  

 Reasons why you will find it beneficial to train with Skierg


If you are used to training with short bursts with the Skierg, the best recommendation we can give you is to take long breaks. For example, if you do 30-second exercise routines, ideally you should take a break of approximately 90 seconds, but don't do these breaks all at once with the same amount of time.


This will help you achieve more efficient results, since the deeper you go, the more work you will have to do, so the rest period is consumed until it reaches the end.


The second recommendation is the dripping sets, generally, the 500 meters is the perfect distance to train with the Skierg, this increases considerably the power and resistance of your body.


Among the time tips, you can alternate between two minutes and one minute, resting continuously for 90 seconds, and reducing it considerably by two seconds each set.


This recommendation will help you to build up your work capacity and efficiency of movement without having to resort to speed, try to resist as long as you can.


We cannot fail to mention that, in order to obtain truly effective results, we must combine exercise with a balanced diet that, in addition to helping us achieve the physical results we want, will allow us to have sufficient energy and a correct state of mind to deal with our daily activities.

Published in 16/12/2020
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