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What are burpees, what are their benefits and how to perform them correctly?

Sport and health go hand in hand, so if you want to always be in perfect shape, you will have to train thoroughly.

What are burpees, what are their benefits and how to perform them correctly?

The ideal is to combine aerobic and anaerobic efforts to work various facets and all muscle groups. In this sense, a good exercise to incorporate into your routine is the burpee, perfect for measuring your cardiovascular endurance.

It is a test that involves the total use of your body in just four movements, as it is a combination of push-ups, squats and vertical jumps. Thanks to this anaerobic and muscular endurance test you will strengthen your back, abdomen, chest, arms and legs. Burpees are, in particular, calisthenic exercises whose purpose is conditioning.


An effective technique for completing a burpees plank without injury


However, it is essential to do them correctly so that they have an effect, but, above all, so that you don't hurt yourself or end up suffering an injury. The technique you should apply is concentrated in the 4 steps listed below:


1.The exercise starts from an initial position, in which you must be in a squatting position (squats), with your hands on the floor and your head upright at all times.

2.From there, you must extend both legs backwards with your feet together to do a push-up (also called an elbow bend). Your back should be straight and your torso should touch the floor.

3.The next step will take you back to the starting position, for which you will have to gather your legs in a fluid and coordinated movement.

4.To finish the exercise, you must lift your entire body weight with a vertical jump, raising your hands. Clap your hands when you are at the top to set the pace and be careful to break your fall so you don't hurt yourself.


After these steps, you will have to squat back down to repeat the same procedure until you have completed the number of repetitions you have set for yourself. Here are some tips to help you know how many are recommended for you without risking injury:

- Less than 30 if you are in poor physical condition.

- From 30 to 40 if it is normal.

- From 40 to 50 if you have a good preparation.

- From 50 to 60 if your fitness is very good.

- More than 60 if your fitness is excellent.


Why do we recommend that you practice burpees?


One of the main reasons why we advise you to include this exercise in your training routine is that it is very complete. As we mentioned at the beginning, its main benefit is that it serves to exercise the whole body. In addition, it contributes to improve your cardiopulmonary resistance and accelerate your metabolism, as it will allow you to gain muscle mass in a short time.


For each repetition you will burn 10 kilocalories and best of all: you can do burpees wherever you want, because it is not necessary to go to the gym. This test, which dates back to the 30s of the last century, is quite effective. However, it does not serve to develop strength, so you will have to combine it with other exercises.


Do you know the origins of this anaerobic endurance test?


Royal H. Burpee, a physiologist at Columbia University, developed it in his doctoral thesis and that's where the name of the exercise comes from. However, it became popular after the U.S. Army used it to evaluate the physical condition of its soldiers in preparation for World War II.


The success of burpees lies in the fact that they are simple, yet intense and complete, and do not require any equipment. You can do them in any outdoor environment, such as our wonderful beaches in the Canary Islands. So it is more comfortable to complement them with other aerobic training. Do you dare to put them into practice?

Published in 12/5/2021
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