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The health benefits of strength training

Strength training has always been a classic within the gymnastic activities. In recent times, thanks to the increasing knowledge about the effects of physical exercise, it has been revalued. Here are the basics of this type of training and why it may be of interest to you. Continue.....

The health benefits of strength training

What does this training consist of?

 As its name suggests, the key to its exercises is the development of physical strength. Therefore, the aim is to strengthen the muscles, so that they can perform their usual actions with greater power. If the musculature is toned, it will be in a position to print a greater speed and strength, which is most functional. The toning will not only be noticeable when it comes to power actions, but also in agility and coordination.

 What types of exercises are included in strength training?

 They are anaerobic exercises, which are characterized by concentrating large or sudden efforts in short actions or series. In this way, they generate a great momentary fatigue, which means that you are developing the muscle groups correctly.

 These workouts consist of lifting weights, but you can also use your body as a counterweight against which to make movements. You can use all kinds of accessories (bands, balls, etc.) to exercise the different muscles.

 Among the most popular strength exercises are bench and military presses, deadlifts, squats and barbell rowing. If, instead of the broader muscle groups, you want to strengthen more specific muscles, you can resort to others, such as leg and triceps extensions or biceps curls. As you can see, strength training is not just about weights.

 A contribution to weight loss

 Strength routines can be included in training programs whose main objective is to achieve weight loss. Keep in mind that increasing tone makes muscles heavier, but this increase in muscle mass, if you follow a training plan linked to weight loss, does not necessarily raise your overall weight.

 The combination of strength and endurance exercises with aerobic exercises, which are the ones that are advised to lose pounds, is what will make the latter really effective for weight loss. If you do cardio after strength training, your body will burn fat optimally, which will contribute to your weight loss.

 The various benefits of strength routines

 Finally, it is worth knowing the various advantages of this type of training. First of all, it should be noted that strengthening your muscles is the most effective protection for your bones. Your joints will suffer less if they are surrounded by more vigorous muscles. In this way, you will also have less chance of injury. If you are able to mobilize all your muscles effectively, you will not overload the less developed ones.

 The improvement that your health will experience, when you have demonstrated regularity in your strength routines, will be general. Not only will you move in a more functional way, but also your blood circulation will be more fluid and you will minimize your risk of cardiovascular problems. As you'll be able to put more strength into your movements, your athletic performance will increase. Likewise, your physical appearance will improve and your self-esteem will increase.

In short, strength training is full of advantages for your aesthetics, but above all for your health. Practice it with discipline if you want to experience these benefits.

Published in 7/2/2021
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