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Gran Canaria, a sporting mecca.

Gran Canaria is positioned as one of the best places to practice sport

Gran Canaria, a sporting mecca.

It is defined as an open-air gym all year round, due to its weather conditions, as well as its geography. For this reason, take a look at all the sports facilities you can find on the island.

Permanent nautical offer.

On our island of Gran Canaria, we have good temperatures during the winter months. This allows us to take a dip in the water. However, in summer it is also ideal, as the heat is not suffocating. The island seems to be tailor-made for sportsmen and women. Most of the beaches are windy, so surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing are possible. Any of these sports have a huge following on the island. Don't forget that Gran Canaria is known as the windsurfing capital of Europe.

The seabed also allows for snorkelling or scuba diving, if you are daring enough. We can mix an outing with a sailing boat to sail, with a dive to explore the seabed. In this sense, although there are waves at times, the ocean is also flat, so we can go swimming if we wish. If you are looking for something different, you can try swimming at a beach that is protected by volcanic rocks.

As well as sailing, you can also include sport fishing among your activities. You can find swordfish in the Atlantic and, if you go to the port of Mogán, you can even see sea lions. This is another example of the enormous variety of marine fauna to be found on the island of Gran Canaria.

Explore all forests and landscapes.

Apart from being by the sea, all the landscapes that can be found in Gran Canaria are beautiful and captivating. You can go hiking, while discovering the great variety of pine forests, or go jogging around the sea. At the same time, you can go jogging or cycling. You can choose between road cycling or mountain biking depending on your interests.

The plurality of landscapes and sporting options also makes Gran Canaria the ideal setting for a triathlon, an Iron Man or, at the very least, your training and preparation camp. You can start with a swim in the sea, then take to the bike and complete the corresponding kilometres until you finish the race by running. In fact, many professional athletes choose this island for their pre-season training.

Play traditional sports.

This island also offers attractions to relax while doing sport. It is possible to play golf next to a volcanic caldera after a long day of sport. If you like to climb mountains, you can also go rock climbing. In the same day, you can go from being at the bottom of the sea to being on a mountain peak.

Obviously, we can find sports facilities equipped to play football, basketball or tennis, among others. If you need to work out, you will also find different gyms where you can train all the muscle groups.

Gran Canaria is one of the best places you can find to practice sport. If you are looking for the perfect getaway for a fitness holiday, bootcamp or training camp, this island of the Canary archipelago has all the necessary conditions for it. If you don't know it yet, start looking for accommodation, because it could be your next destination if you're looking for a great time practising physical activity. As if that weren't enough, the gastronomic offer is incredible. You'll have good reasons to recover your energy after a hard day of muscle toning, whether at the sea, on the trails or in the mountains.

Published in 5/3/2021
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