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Fitness Vs Wellness

Many times, people confuse the terms of “fitness” and “wellness” thinking that both are the same, or not knowing what one or the other means. The truth is that both have a slightly different meaning between them, with pros and cons included.

Fitness Vs Wellness

If you’re considering a lifestyle fitness or wellness and you think that both terms are the same, this reading can help you with that, cause here we will tell you everything about them.




First, we will start with the terms of “fitness”, which is perhaps the most popular and that people think is the one that encompasses everything it means to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is not the case.


“Fitness” refers to continuous exercise practices along the time, eating a healthy diet at the same time. The routine fitness is performed every week, most of the days of this, to get in good physical shape and condition. These exercises are usually performed in special places, such as gyms or sports venues.


Too, these exercises must be carried out with effort and perseverance, since otherwise it is not considered as a fitness lifestyle itself.


●       Pros of fitness lifestyle


Fitness improves the aerobic resistance. It works with fractional exercises many times for the week. The one who exercises his body can get a muscular improvement localized, that is to say, works a muscle (or a group of muscles) in particular using weights, apparatus or heavy postures.


The benefit of doing this activity is that the more series and repetitions are done, in addition to maintaining the tension of the effort for a longer continuous time, the better results are obtained. Over time, the muscle improves its endurance and can perform better routines, more heavies and larges.


Another benefit of fitness is the flexibility that is gained over time when performing the exercises, since muscle movement is worked continuously. Fitness gives the opportunity to provide the body structure between muscles, fat and bones.


●       Cons of fitness lifestyle


The main disadvantage of fitness is that it is a continuous work, almost without rest between each day and that you can hardly stop, so you always have to be exercising over and over again.


It’s a lifestyle that requires a lot of effort and dedication, being something very strong that not many people can or are willing to endure.




Wellness lifestyle is simpler and at the same time more comprehensive. It seeks that the person results in an optimal state and in balance with all facets of their health, that is, their body, mind and soul. It’s beyond a series of routines, being more of a point of view.


In fact, many gyms and sports centers include spa sessions, massages, diets, beauty treatments and the like in their catalogs for those who dedicate themselves to this lifestyle.


●       Pros of wellness


Wellness, when seeking comprehensive body improvement, focuses on many aspects; physically, it seeks that the person has good nutrition and exercise routines, while emotionally the person helps to manage their life in a constructive and positive way.


Helps to improve the intellectual life of the person, contributing to have a more active mentality, with critical power, a challenging point of view and a greater desire to learn. It also seeks to improve the environmental and social awareness of the person.


●       Cons of wellness


The main disadvantage of this lifestyle is that the one who practices it doesn’t seek to have a toned body as it would be if he practiced fitness.


This lifestyle isn’t for those who are looking for a sudden body change, really.


Differences between both lifestyles


As mentioned before, conceptually, fitness refers more to body work, while wellness is more of an integral work of the person.


The first seeks a very high physical development, while the second seeks to liberate the person intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


It is also highlighted that fitness executes intense work methods, while wellness seeks a long-lasting, calm and healthy balance of life.

Published in 14/11/2020
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