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Crossfit camps Europe: your sports holidays in Gran Canaria

The town of Puerto Rico Mogán, located to the south of the island of Gran Canaria, is the ideal place for you to be inspired to train at crossfit camps Europe. A dream place where you’ll enjoy an eternal spring while working out at the crossfit training camps.

Crossfit camps Europe: your sports holidays in Gran Canaria

Fitness holidays, a new kind of holiday 

We show you how fitness holidays are the ideal sports getaway to live a camp-type experience with lots of training. You’ll enjoy the beach, the “box”, and the mountains, while having lots of fun with the planned leisure activities

Train and travel: the best of both worlds

We urge you to combine your two favourite activities: travelling and discovering new destinations, while doing functional training. The island of Gran Canaria offers an excellent setting of natural beauty where you can test your fitness level and physical performance in training camps. With this programme, you can leave behind those long hours at the gym and enter the world of sports tourism, a trend which is on the rise due to its popularity.  

Gran Canaria: your ticket to physical transformation

Puerto Rico Mogán
 is a tourist town situated on the coast of the municipality of Mogán. It’s recognised for its local microclimate, which offers you an exceptional environment for sports. In turn, the stretch of coastline between Veneguera and Arguineguín is considered one of the best routes due to its stable temperature and humidity. 

Its privileged location makes it one of the sunniest locations on the island. The population is protected from trade winds due to the peaks that surround it. This has a positive effect on the sea, since it is always calm, facilitating year-round water sportsTemperature is another advantage when travelling to this destination, as it has an average temperature of 25°C. Here, clouds and rainfall are very rare. 

Find out more about the training programme

Crossfit training camps are the best alternative for developing your physique. It’s a versatile program. You can train in a fun way, regardless of your skill and fitness level. These camps are not designed solely for elite athletes, but also for anyone who wishes to get fit through challenging and exciting programmes.

Another advantage of this type of programme is the opportunity you’ll have to meet other people who are passionate about fitness, and even come across several renowned crossfitters. Without a doubt, they’ll be a great source of inspiration that is sure to increase your motivation every day. During this camp you’ll have the security of having carefully planned workouts, which mix fun and effectiveness in a balanced way. 

Functional training, one of the main players

During these sports vacations you’ll experience professionally-designed functional training. It’s a type of comprehensive and complete training, the objective of which is to go beyond typical gym classes. It’s a fitness concept whose main goal is to improve your functional capacity during individual activities.  

This form of physical training will allow you to gain muscle mass while losing weight. You’ll feel much healthier and improve your quality of life. During the sessions you can do speed, agility, energy, endurance, mobility and balance exercises. Additionally, you’ll train your strength and improve your physical flexibility, qualities that we should always keep on developing.

We invite you to participate in this great fitness experience, which you can only find in Riders Training Camps. The promise: a holiday full of fun, WODs in open spaces surrounded by nature, certified trainers and endless recreational activities. 

Published in 30/9/2020
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