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Benefits of doing sports on vacation.

Summer begins to arrive and with it the vacations.

Benefits of doing sports on vacation.

A more than deserved rest that many use to rest and do nothing. However, one of the things we tend to abandon at this time is the habit of doing sports. It is true that the high temperatures deter many, but this also makes us lose the many benefits of sport during the summer months.

 In this post we will dismantle some of the common excuses and we will propose several good reasons for you to keep exercising, even in summer.


Benefits of practicing sports during the vacations

It seems that for some people doing sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something they do as long as it is integrated into their routine. They go to the gym or exercise after work to relax and unwind. However, when they are on vacation and have no worries, they think they don't need it. This is a serious mistake, since, of course, sport has benefits at all times of the year.

The time is perhaps the right time to do something new and, perhaps, to get out of your own fitness routine as well. We suggest you to practice functional training if you come on vacation to Gran Canaria. It is an ideal place for you to do maintenance and muscle strengthening exercises.

In that sense, we show you below some of the benefits of continuing to do sports on vacation.


It is very common to meet people with similar interests at the gym, in guided classes or doing sports outdoors. It feels great to be able to chat and share a moment with other athletes in your free time, doesn't it? In that sense, you can continue to enjoy this advantage even on vacation. You will also have the advantage that the people you meet will be more willing to make plans and will have more time.

Physical maintenance

When you exercise regularly, your body gets used to a certain rhythm and calorie consumption. If you stop exercising, your physique will notice and you will start to lose shape. It is vital that you keep working your body in summer, otherwise, when you return to your usual routine, you will have lost some important capabilities, such as strength and endurance.

Mental disconnection

For many, this is the most important section. These people greatly value the relaxation that comes from spending several hours a week working hard on physical tasks. These activities are very different from those performed on a daily basis at work. On a mental level, the brain enjoys physical activity, as it is very stimulating.

If this is also your case, you will know that these good feelings contribute to a better mood. For this reason, we recommend that you continue exercising on vacation to maintain a good mood and isolate yourself, not only from work, but also from the rest of your worries.


As we mentioned in the previous section, doing sports is stimulating. It makes you feel good when you achieve your goals and purposes. This feeling of victory then accompanies you in the day to day, in tasks and moments that, in principle, have nothing to do. The attitude that you implement in sport to not give up is also applied in other facets of life, isn't it? Well, to continue to maintain that winning mentality, we recommend that you do sports in summer as well.


Without a doubt, exercising your body is one of the activities that contribute the most to your physical, mental and emotional well-being. If you want to continue enjoying its benefits during the vacations, plan ahead and continue practicing sports. You can try to innovate a little and change your workout routine while you are sightseeing in Gran Canaria. You won't regret it.

Published in 24/6/2021
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