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Fitness While Traveling

Riders Training BLOG where we will share with you the latest , offer tips, advice & information on fitness & nutrition, events, accessories, material, news, wods, a bit of everything related to the sport that we are passionate about.

Bike vs running: which sport is better for keeping fit?
So have you decided to lose weight by playing sports? Both cycling and running are great for losing weight or just keeping it off, because both are aerobic sports.
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Enjoy the best fitness holidays in Europe in the Canary Islands.
The concept of fitness holidays is becoming increasingly popular.
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Benefits of doing sports on vacation.
Summer begins to arrive and with it the vacations.
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What are burpees, what are their benefits and how to perform them correctly?
Sport and health go hand in hand, so if you want to always be in perfect shape, you will have to train thoroughly.
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Intermittent fasting: benefits.
Intermittent fasting has been a hotly debated topic to this day. Knowing its benefits is essential, as it can help people of all profiles (whether they are athletes or not). In this article we tell you in detail what it consists of.
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