"Gran Canaria is your ticket to body transformation. Change your lifestyle. Enjoy a luxury fitness holiday in beautiful and sunny Canary Islands(Spain) where's eternal Spring.
The Camp is for beginner athletes, experienced athletes, coaches, gym owners, and others who want to learn, challenge themselves, and connect with other people who are passionate about fitness.
Private Apartments. Satisfying meals. Incredible location. Certified trainers.
You need the best of high intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, strong man and more. An idyllic environment and top notch training.
What else?
The Canary Islands is one of the sweetest place ever to enjoy a nice training session while having great holidays.
Riders Training Camp combines a wellness retreat and Cross training to start you off on your fitter life. A new start for the new you. We make sure that every day is inspirational and invigorating, with carefully-planned workouts that are both fun and effective.
Who knows, you may be lucky and come across some of the CrossFit top athletes!"

WHERE YOU'LL BE STAYING Offer you unique Holiday paradise

HEALTY FOOD Fresh lunch at the Box

OUR PERFORMANCE CENTER  Gran Canaria Amazing Locations / Your Fitness Holidays

HAVE FUN AND ENJOY Gran Canaria Adventure